Modieus en duurzaam...lees snel hoe

Fashionable and quickly how

We have had them in our collection for a while now: sneaker socks. Not only are they extremely comfortable, these trendy ankle socks are also very suitable for warm summer days. Do you like to sit on a terrace or would you rather be at a sun-drenched festival? You no longer have to search for the perfect comfortable sock that matches every outfit.

The sneaker sock, or ankle sock, has been an indispensable part of the street scene for years. Many women do not want to go back to wearing the higher sock, because it is not always comfortable and also not fashionable enough. And although it took some years, we have now finally come to a conclusion: the ankle sock is also completely acceptable for men.

And that is not surprising, because wearing ankle socks has two important advantages compared to long socks. Firstly, it is less warm: an ankle sock simply covers less skin, so it can breathe better and dissipate heat. This way, irritation is less likely to occur. Secondly, the ankle sock can be combined with any outfit. It offers a minimalist and 'clean' look. Combine these benefits with those of bamboo and you have a product you can't say no to. What were the benefits of bamboo socks again, especially in the warm weather?

  • Thermoregulation: bamboo socks keep your feet cool. Perfect for this hot summer weather
  • Moisture-wicking: bamboo prevents sweaty feet and keeps your feet dry and fresh, which reduces the risk of blisters
  • Antibacterial: bamboo fabric has an antibacterial effect, which prevents bad odors
  • Comfort: bamboo socks are extremely soft, which makes wearing these socks extra pleasant.
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